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At Central Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, we utilize Chiropractic Orthospinology procedures, a research-based technique that analyzes the upper cervical spine and its unique influence over postural responses in other areas of the spine. We utilize the latest advancements in imaging and computer software to visualize the upper cervical spine.


These images are then carefully analyzed in order to determine the specific nature of your problem. Once the misalignment is measured, a vector force is mathematically calculated and delivered via instrument assistance. The instrument assisted correction allows us to be gentle, precise, and repeatable without unnecessary twisting, popping or cracking.


Along with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, we offer a wide range of services that aid in your healing process. Our State of the art imaging system and interferential therapy are used in conjuction with your adjustments to speed up the healing process. 

Gentle, Safe and Effective

At Central Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, we focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Since we first opened our doors in 2016, we have seen many patients get their lives back without the use  of drugs or surgeries. No matter what you need, we are here to help you  


Gentle Adjustment

Dr. Davis uses an instrument that is gentle and highly effective. In our office we do not twist, "crack", or pop your spine. We measure the spinal misalignment down to one hundredth of a degree and tailor the adjustment specifically to your misalignment.

Lasting Difference

The upper cervical misalignment is the most complex and difficult region of the spine to align, but when correction is achieved the results can be simply amazing. Patients notice changes throughout their entire body as normal alignment and posture is restored

Cervical Correction

As the correction in the upper neck is achieved the entire body is brought back into balance as stress on posture nerves feeding the brain stem is relieved. This is why people with problems even in the lower part of their body respond well to the Orthospinology correction.

Interferential Therapy

This therapy is meant to boost the body’s natural process for responding to pain, increase blood flow and the production of hormones that promote healing. 

Digital X-ray

Our State of the art x-ray system helps to improve accuracy in the adjustments you receive. Having these specific measurements take the guess work out of your health.

Nutritional Testing

Vitalleo DNA testing allows patients to utilize their genetics to better understand their disease risks, what bodily systems require additional support, and what are the best diet, amd supplement practices for their specific needs.

Advanced Knee Therapy

The Knee On Trac is a safe and non-invasive system that helps to relieve chronic knee pain with traction. This therapy helps to reduce inflammation and provide re-hydration, while improving range of motion and speeding the healing process.

What Our Patients Are Saying..​

My now 4 month old son has been seeing Dr. Davis since he was a month old. Our initial visit was to combat general fussiness along with reflux and digestive issues. As a first time mom I had tried everything I knew to help my sweet boy and was feeling defeated. After that first visit I knew we were exactly where we needed to be! Dr. Davis has not only helped us navigate so many obstacles but also provided us with some of the most valuable knowledge we have received as parents. We have a happy and thriving baby boy thanks to Dr. Davis and his staff. They are the best!

A. Fields

I began seeing Dr. Davis because I saw what he'd done for my husband. Not only has he helped my husband, but the knee pain I went for is no longer keeping me down! I am able to take stairs without fear now and I'm much more active!! The staff is very nice and helpful. If you have a need contact Central Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic they can help!!

D. Braddy

We are so very thankful for Dr. Davis! His office is always so nice and inviting. His staff are always so warm and he is so knowledgeable, gentle, and kind. He has helped my children time and time again with everything from sinus issues, to PFAPA fever syndrome, to tongue tie complications, to scoliosis. He also helped me get through a terribly difficult pregnancy with Hyperemisis Graviderum. I am so grateful God sent Dr. Davis and his family to our little community. He has definitely used him to make a huge difference in my family's lives.

K. Hudson

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